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The title track, Rh Positive, to Jim's CD was nominated for an Independent Music Award for best Jazz song! What an honour to be judged by greats like McCoy Tyner and many others. Please vote for the song here

 The comment that is most repeated about this band is how comfortable the players are together and how "tight" the music is. This came about from many years of performing together in a number of configurations in Toronto and surrounding area. Jim Heineman's Dream Band started off as a quartet in 2002 with  Mark Hundevad on drums, Juno award winners Stacie McGregor on piano and Brandi Disterheft on Bass. Jim has had a working relationship with Mark and Stacie for over two decades and Brandi for almost a decade. These core players are also all composers in their own right. Jim often refers to them as his "treasured rhythm section". He then added percussionist Lucya Almeida in 2007 to add texture to his Latin and African style pieces. Lucya has mentored and performed with him for the last ten years. He also added his musically versatile son, Sam Heineman, on synthesizer. Sam is a valuable asset to the band as he also plays drums when Mark's amazing vibraphone playing is featured, or bass when Brandi (who now lives in New York City) is unable to travel. Sam also plays Hammomd  B3 organ and has worked as a professional performer since his childhood. French horn player Keith Campbel was added to the band in 2011. Keith is also a claasical pianist.The band has released their debut album called Rh Positive, Live@Lorraines featuring Jim's compositions in September of 2011. In Jim's words, "This band can swing!"  Jim's compostions have beautiful melodies that have the lasting power of the old standard tunes, a testament to his incredible list of mentors. The band also plays a huge repetoire of standards, blues, funk, reggae, Latin, Motown, folk and popular music. 

   Who is sharing Jim's music and what people are saying about him and his new CD

Nice review in November 2011 The Wholenote Magazine! see here "Jim Heineman's Dream Band, Rh Positive, Live@Lorraine's has the rarely recorded Toronto veteran Heineman directing a lively, often cheerfully raucous set at an Ossington Ave. venue. It's very welcome. He plays tenor saxophone, flute and saxello, composed the 12 wide ranging tracks, many with a Latin flavour, and sings a bit, with fine jazzers in support --- pianist Stacie McGregor, bassist Brandi Disterheft and drummer/vibist Mark Hundevad. Also on hand are ( son) Sam Heineman and frequent guests who back the leaders tough grainy-toned and always swinging horn, heard to great effect on alluring tunes like Stingy and the bluesy Some Things Never Change. McGregor and Disterheft are in excellent form through out. Best on Disc: "Them" Shape Shifting Reptilians"  Geoff Chapmen, The Wholenote

      Jim's CD was the pick of the week on CBC Radio’s Errol Nazareth’s Big City Small World on September 17, 2011.

                   "Somebody name a park or a street after this guy already” Errol Nazareth

                The CD was also featured by Jamyz B on Toronto Jazz FM 91.1

                 " I am miffed that I have been unaware of his talent until now”
Barrie Woodie  CHRW 94.9FM

    Jim's CD, Rh Postive made it to #5  eighteen days after it's release in the Earshot Community Radio
    National Jazz Charts

Rh Positive, Jim Heineman's Dream Band, Live@Lorraine's, held the #1 spot in Calgary's CJSW Community Radio for two weeks only a few weeks after it's release , Thank you Calgary! see here

 "Very Fine Listening, It's like Old and New at the same time. Like hearing Coltrane and the MJQ doing 
    a piece of "Bolero". But Funky, Interesting and most definitely FUN!!!!! 

          Stanley Fefferman of the OpusOneReview

  # 2 in the top 10 on CFBX 92.5 FM community radio jazz charts for October 2011 in Kamloops, BC

 #9 in the October 2011 top 20 Earshot National Community Radio Jazz  Monthly Chart! 
see here


To purchase a signed  limited edition copy of Jim's CD , Rh Positive, Jim Heineman's Dream Band , Live@Lorraine's, signed by the man himself click here

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